Blood and Bacon Wikia

Primary Weapons[]



  • High damage
  • Medium clip size (40)
  • Medium-High rate of fire
  • Fast reload speed

Pump Action Shotgun -

  • Very High Damage
  • Low clip size (10)
  • Low rate of fire
  • Low range
  • Slow reload speed


  • Low damage
  • High clip size (60)
  • Very High rate of fire
  • Low accuracy
  • Quick reload


  • Medium damage
  • Medium-High Clip size (50)
  • High rate of fire
  • High accuracy
  • Fast reload speed


  • Medium damage
  • Medium-High clip size (50)
  • High rate of fire
  • High accuracy
  • Fast reload speed

The Mirv[]

  • Multiple independent rockets
  • Huge damage
  • Hard to target
  • Limited ammo

Blake Gun (Secret Weapon)[]

  • Acquired after COMPLETELY 100% the game, which means:
    • Unlocking all achievements on Steam.
    • Completing all 101 Days on Hard without cheating,
    • Reaching Wave 100 on Hordes mode and defeating the secret Giant Skelaboar boss (can be done on any difficulty)
    • Unlocking all the 15 Hats and Secret Characters
    • The 3 Golden Stars on Main Menu
    • Collecting and delivering the Tusks and Skuls for the Farmer's Twin inside the Tunnels in Singleplayer
    • As well as unlocking all the Tunnels exclusive unlockables:
      • The 3 Flashlights
      • All minimaps for the 5 Tunnels,
      • Every gear codes for each tunnels
      • And collecting all 12 Armor Piercing boxes.

(For some reason, all you have to do in Space Mode/Farm 3019 is unlock the Astronaut skin. Also, there ins't any objectives for PaintLand.)

  • You automatically spawn with the Blake Gun every time you join a game. If you equip another weapon you will have to join again, as the Blake gun doesn't appear inside the Barn to be equipied.
  • Golden weapon (similar to 1911's reflective surface, but golden), resembling a "magazine-fed grenade launcher" with a horizontal magazine sticking out of its side.
  • Uses MIRV ammo.
  • 7 Rounds Magazine + Infinite ammo (Just like a Secondary weapon)
  • When LMB is pressed, instead of a melee attack, a power-up attack is done. Basically what happens is that the power-up consumes all 7 rounds (magazine needs to be fully loaded otherwise it will jam), and shoots a "nuke", which is a single missile, travelling in a straight line, with a huge area of damage (~2/3 of the farm), and a big mushroom shaped explosion is summoned during impact. (Surprisingly, different from regular explosions, this one deals damage to bosses).
  • Disables the use of a secondary weapon (automatically switches back to primary when you attempt to equip secondary).

Secondary Weapons []

  • All Secondary Weapons have infinite ammo, still do require reloading

Colt 1911[]

  • Low damage
  • High rate of fire
  • Medium Clip size (15)


  • High damage
  • Medium rate of fire
  • Very Low clip size (7)
  • The 7th shot insta-kills any regular pig (obviously not a boss, you dickhead)

Silenced pistol[]

  • Medium Damage
  • Low rate of fire
  • Low clip size (10)
  • Silenced, meaning pigs don't become aggressive from hearing shots

Paintball gun[]

  • Very Low damage
  • Very High rate of fire
  • Very High clip size (80) (bring up the size thing, he likes it )
  • Leaves paint splatters, which are good for drawing dicks and whatnot
  • Reloading manually using R button (or other keybinding for reload) causes color of ammo to change